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1. This Is Me (Alan Walker Relift) -

I am not a stranger to the dark Hide away, they say 'Cause we don't want your broken parts I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars Run away, they s ...

Đăng: nghiemchian 24-07-2018 153
Dịch: nghiemchian Cập nhập cuối: nghiemchian 24-07-2018

2. Stronger than You -

[Intro] It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming... On days like these, kids like you... Should be burning in hell. [Ver ...

Đăng: rubydemolove95 17-08-2018 142
Dịch: rubydemolove95 Cập nhập cuối: rubydemolove95 17-08-2018

3. You Don't Know Love - Olly Murs

I don't wanna be your lover I don't wanna be your fool Pick me up whenever you want it Throw me down when you are through 'Cause I've learned more fro ...

Đăng: hb.130809 13-09-2018 19
Dịch: hb.130809 Cập nhập cuối: hb.130809 13-09-2018

4. Rise (Ft. Jack & Jack)- - Jonas Blue

[Verse 1: Jack & Jack] We're gonna ri-ri-ri-ri-rise 'til we fall They say we got no no no no future at all They wanna ke-ke-keep us down but th ...

Đăng: nchinhtung 26-09-2018 40
Dịch: Cập nhập cuối: hieu_ndh_7717 06-10-2018

5. Chidren of a miracle -

Miracle, miracle, miracle Miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle Sea of flames, taking hold They're throwing oil on burning water They raise the tides We ...

Đăng: nchinhtung 26-09-2018 16
Dịch: nchinhtung Cập nhập cuối: nchinhtung 26-09-2018
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