ca khúc được hát bởi nhiều ca sĩ, lời tiếng anh được viết gọn lại như sau:

Dawning of another morning filled with refreshing air
The air has changed, but emotion still scents like tea

Verse 1:
My doors are always open, ready to embrace you with a hug
A hug to know you better, for you'll love this place
Wherever you're from, you'll be our quest so just be at home
We have agreed to meet here, we'd like to welcome you

The Evergreen at my place is quite legendary
Some on the old Soil for memories to be cherished
Strangers, old pals are our guests, so just be at home
Whether newcomers or re visitors, we sure have lots of chat

Beijing welcomes you, we built these all for you
Flow with charm, refreshed and energized
Beijing welcomes you, let's take a breath beneath the sun
Let's set our new records on this Soil

Verse 2
My doors are always open, we're open to the world
Time flies with youthful smiles, all waiting to greet this day
Under the sky, everyone be our guest, so just be at home
Nice scenery with smiling faces, all awaiting there for you

Beijing welcomes you, touching you like this melody
Let's excel and try our best
Beijing welcomes you, dreamers are forerunners
Miracle, for those daring to try