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1. Ordinary Miracle (Charlotte's Web OST) - Sarah McLachlan

ORDINARY MIRACLE It’s not that usual when everything is beautiful It’s just another ordinary miracle today The sky knows when its time to s ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 34516
Dịch: cRazy Cập nhập cuối: cRazy 01-06-2009

2. A Shoulder To Cry On - Tommy Page

Life is full of lots up and down And the distance feels further When you're headed for the ground And there is nothing more painful Than to let your f ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 89030
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: ilovemama 11-08-2012

3. Bad Day - Daniel Powter

Where is the moment when we need it the most You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost They tell me your blue sky's faded to grey They tell me y ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 552356
Dịch: Jakasai Cập nhập cuối: Ngọc 15-05-2008

4. Even Santa Fell In Love - Lea Salonga

He brushes back his silver hair And checks to see if she is standing there After years of traveling around With the reindeer hooves above the groun ...

Đăng: fatto 12-12-2009 5411
Dịch: fatto Cập nhập cuối: fatto 13-12-2009

5. Wait Till You See My Smile - Alicia Keys

When the wind is blowing in your face Sometimes in life you don't see straight Pray to him He will show When your head is in a certain place No ...

Đăng: ieukoanoaso 13-12-2009 6973
Dịch: sweet_dream2 Cập nhập cuối: Lucifer 28-12-2009

6. Best In Me - Blue

From the moment I met you I just knew you'd be mine You touched my hand And I knew that this was gonna be our time I don't ever wanna lose this fee ...

Đăng: nguyen 16-11-2007 101166
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: Wet Grass 11-11-2008

7. 黃昏 / Huang Hun / Hoàng Hôn - Steve Chou / 周传雄 / Zhou Chuan Xiong / Châu Truyền Hùng / Tiểu Cương

过完整个夏天 忧伤并没有好一些 开车行驶在公路无际无边 有离开自己的感觉 唱不完一首歌 疲倦还剩下黑眼圈 ...

Đăng: nina612 06-10-2008 147980
Dịch: Wet Grass Cập nhập cuối: Wet Grass 28-01-2009

8. How To Break A Heart - Westlife

Since you’re not worth my love I haven’t given up I’m stronger than that (I’m stronger than that) And though my heart will break I’m ta ...

Đăng: chibibi41511 27-11-2009 27159
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 28-11-2009

9. Close To You - Whigfield

CLOSE TO YOU (Whigfield) Nobody pays Much attention They misuse their time Maybe it’s better to mention Moments passing by A secret to tel ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 30367
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: Blah Blah 01-01-2010

10. Everything You Do - M2M

VERSE 1 From the moment you looked at me And ever since you called my name You've been everything that I've seen And now I'm caught up in this gam ...

Đăng: nguyen 21-11-2007 126521
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: Blah Blah 01-01-2010

11. Eyes On Me (Final Fantasy VIII Main Theme) - Faye Wong / 王菲 / Wang Fei / Vương Phi

Whenever sang my songs On the stage, on my own Whenever said my words Wishing they would be heard I saw you smiling at me Was it real or just my fanta ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 52223
Dịch: Nhím_xù Cập nhập cuối: Nhím_xù 10-03-2012

12. Hollywood - Michael Buble

Could you be a teenage idol Could you be a movie star When l turn on my tv Will you smile and wave at me telling Oparah who you are. So you want t ...

Đăng: culaccon 15-09-2010 4078
Dịch: sweet_dream2 Cập nhập cuối: sweet_dream2 15-09-2010

13. Have You Ever Loved Somebody - The Hollies

(Hicks / Clarke / Nash) You say that you want me and now that you've got me you're gone Think what you're doin' or else you'll regret what you've do ...

Đăng: CaiPen 26-07-2009 3713
Dịch: Alamanda Bud Cập nhập cuối: Alamanda Bud 21-09-2009

14. Happy New Year - ABBA

Nomore champagne And the fireworks are through Here we are, me and you Feeling lost and feeling blue It's the end of the party And the morning se ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-01-2008 914678
Dịch: Wet Grass Cập nhập cuối: Wet Grass 25-12-2009

15. I Cry - Yuri Chika

I CRY Every night I find it so hard to sleep Cause I keep thinking of you And these feelings from deep Oh baby I try to hide all these feelings ...

Đăng: nguyen 16-11-2007 39809
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 25-11-2009

16. I'm Your Angel (ft. Celine Dion) - R. Kelly

I'm Your Angel No Mountains too high, for you to climb All you have to do is have some climbing faith, oh yeah No rivers too wide, for you to make it ...

Đăng: nguyen 13-11-2007 33338
Dịch: hieu_ndh_7717 Cập nhập cuối: hieu_ndh_7717 21-02-2012

17. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely - Backstreet Boys

Show me the meaning of being lonely So many words for the broken heart It's hard to see in a crimson love So hard to breathe Walk with me, and maybe ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 222768
Dịch: Anakin Skywalker Cập nhập cuối: Anakin Skywalker 20-02-2012

18. Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton

Tears in heaven Would you know my name? if I saw you in Heaven Would it be the same if I saw you in Heaven I must be strong and carry on Cau ...

Đăng: bilyntth 16-11-2007 51685
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 22-11-2009

19. The Time Of Our Lives (ft. Toni Braxton) - (The Official Song Of The 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany) - Il Divo

There was a dream Long time ago There was a dream Destined to grow Hacerse pasion *(To become passion) Con fuego abrazar *(and to hug with ...

Đăng: nguyen 16-11-2007 31586
Dịch: Amy Cập nhập cuối: Nguyen 18-07-2009

20. This Love - Maroon 5

I was so high I did not recognize The fire burning in her eyes The chaos that controlled my mind Whispered goodbye and she got on a plane Never ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 45144
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: Blah Blah 02-01-2010

21. The Day You Went Away - M2M

The Day You Went Away - M2M Well I wonder could it be When I was dreaming 'bout you baby you were dreaming of me Call me crazy call me blind To ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 1057345
Dịch: Kinomoto Cập nhập cuối: Blah Blah 22-03-2009

22. All Was Lost – Jacqueline Thụy Trâm, Evan - Jacqueline Thụy Trâm

All was lost Evan: You were standing there that day On those wooden steps Tears were still running down your face Before you turned and left ...

Đăng: bau_troi_ki_dieu 21-11-2008 4847
Dịch: CrescentMoon Cập nhập cuối: CrescentMoon 03-04-2009

23. The Girl From Yesterday - The Eagles

The Girl From Yesterday It wasn't really sad the way they said good-bye Or maybe it just hurt so bad she couldn't cry He packed his things, walke ...

Đăng: nguyen 16-11-2007 14487
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: Blah Blah 12-01-2010

24. That's Why (You Go Away) - Michael Learns To Rock

That's Why (you go away) Baby won't you tell me why there is sadness in your eyes I don't wanna say goodbye to you Love is one big illusion I sho ...

Đăng: nguyen 16-01-2008 344319
Dịch: Deathknight Cập nhập cuối: nguyen 09-04-2009

25. Take Me To Your Heart - Michael Learns To Rock

Hiding from The Rain and Snow Trying to forget but I won't let go Looking at a crowded street Listening to my own heart beat So many people all ...

Đăng: nguyen 21-11-2007 1588489
Dịch: Alamanda Bud Cập nhập cuối: Alamanda Bud 31-05-2010

26. The Eighth Story - Shin Seung Hoon

참 많이 격어 봤는데 이젠 알 것도 같은데- 늘 조금 이른 이 여름 한 번도 어김이 없어 날 바라보던 그 눈이 사랑 ...

Đăng: nvyn0306 31-12-2009 6221
Dịch: nvyn0306 Cập nhập cuối: nvyn0306 03-01-2010

27. Win - Brian McKnight

WIN Dark in the night I can weather the stom Never say die I've been down this road before I never quit I'll never lay down See I promised my ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 8696
Dịch: vjtkon_kute Cập nhập cuối: Nguyen 25-06-2009

28. A Man After Midnight - ABBA

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Tác giả: Abba Half past twelve And I'm watching the late show in my flat all alone How I ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 26092
Dịch: kitty1987 Cập nhập cuối: Ngọc 13-04-2008

29. A Moment Like Eternity - Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar

A Moment Like Eternity Just hear my heart At the end of the rainbow There is a place for you and me It's a long long way but my love It will grow I ...

Đăng: nguyen 05-12-2007 20769
Dịch: hieu_ndh_7717 Cập nhập cuối: hieu_ndh_7717 20-02-2012

30. A Never Ending Dream - Cascada

I'm waiting for the night drifting away On the waves of my dreams to another day I'm standing on a hill and beyond the clouds The winds blowing sti ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 26910
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: Blah Blah 12-01-2010
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