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1. Hear Me Cry - Cagnet

You couldn't say needed someone new You actually thought deep inside I knew Can you tel me how can you say Why this should suffice You passed me by an ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 23338
Dịch: hieu_ndh_7717 Cập nhập cuối: Anakin Skywalker 11-03-2012

2. Heart Of Innocence - Jessica Simpson

Sometimes I wake up In the dark of night And in my mind, there's a picture of you I know someday this dream will come alive So for now, your shadow wi ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 3357
Dịch: fallenleaf Cập nhập cuối: Anakin Skywalker 16-05-2012

3. Call Me - Tae Goon

Chagi poineun twit moseubi Waenji naneun nega anilkka saenggakhaesseo Nae kaseumeun wae tugeungeoryeo wae mich’igesseo Keureoda nuni majuch’y ...

Đăng: joong 19-02-2009 6408
Dịch: joong Cập nhập cuối: cRazy 24-04-2009

4. Hey there Delilah - Plain White T's

Hey there Delilah Hey there Delilah, What’s it like in New York City? I’m a thousand miles away, But girl tonight you look so pretty, Y ...

Đăng: mariahcarey 07-11-2007 24907
Dịch: 0ll Cập nhập cuối: mariahcarey 13-10-2009

5. Tokyo - Yui

住みなれた この部屋を 出てゆく日が来た Sumi nareta kono heya wo dete yuku hi ga kita 新しい旅だちに まだ戸惑ってる ...

Đăng: angelphamlovely193 16-07-2009 5363
Dịch: fatto Cập nhập cuối: fatto 21-07-2009

6. Note to God - JoJo

If I wrote a note to God I would speak whats in my soul I'd ask for all the hate to be swept away, For love to overflow If I wrote a note to God ...

Đăng: firefly_merry 15-08-2008 9486
Dịch: Wet Grass Cập nhập cuối: Bellewu 31-08-2008

7. How Can I Not Love You? - Joy Enriquez

How Can I Not Love You Cannot touch, cannot hold, cannot be together Cannot love, cannot kiss, cannot love each other Must be strong and we must let ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 11972
Dịch: hieu_ndh_7717 Cập nhập cuối: Anakin Skywalker 19-03-2012

8. Don't Walk Away - Nick Carter

There's no winners if there's no losing All we've got is what we are Yeah One mistake and I got you breakin This time I think I've gone ...

Đăng: Bellewu 22-05-2009 2594
Dịch: Chikarin Cập nhập cuối: Bellewu 23-05-2009

9. 你愛我像誰 / Ni Ai Wo Xiang Shui / What Part Of Me Do You Love) - Dickey Cheung / 張衛健 / Trương Vệ Kiện

你愛我像誰 Ni ai wo xiang shei What part of me do you love? 我什麼都沒有  Wo shen me dou mei you For I have nothing 只是有 ...

Đăng: pe tho sun rang 10-10-2008 7796
Dịch: pe tho sun rang Cập nhập cuối: pe tho sun rang 25-12-2008

10. It Will Be Me - Melissa Etheridge

IT WILL BE ME If you hear a voice, It the middle of the night, Saying it'll be all right, It will be me. If you feel a hand, Guiding you ...

Đăng: crazy.craz1 16-01-2008 6101
Dịch: cRazy Cập nhập cuối: nguyen 12-05-2009

11. How Do You Want Me To Love You - 911

Where did you come from Baby what's your name? I gotta tell you something Please let me explain I'm the kind of man who could treat you right Give you ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 8675
Dịch: Nhím_xù Cập nhập cuối: Nhím_xù 10-03-2012

12. Hot Like Wow - Nadia Oh

the way you walked in, i saw you standing there you caught me staring at you hot like wow you came a little closer, you know you make me blush yo ...

Đăng: hhowodd 17-08-2011 1796
Dịch: hhowodd Cập nhập cuối: hhowodd 25-08-2011

13. Written In The Stars (ft. LeAnn Rimes) - Elton John

[Elton John] I am here to tell you we can never meet again Simple really, isn't it, a word or two and then A lifetime of not knowing where or how or w ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 9187
Dịch: Over_and_over Cập nhập cuối: Anakin Skywalker 10-05-2012

14. Written In The Stars - Westlife

[Shane:] Stay with me Don't fall asleep too soon The angels can wait for a moment Come real close Forget the world outside Tonight we're alone ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 21327
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 03-12-2009

15. U - Super Junior

~~ Hangul ~~ [All:] Cuz I can't stop [시원:] Yeah with Double J, ah! Here we go [All:] No I can't stop [시원:] Verse one [시원:] ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 38968
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 31-01-2010

16. Symphony - Sarah Brightman

I don't know what I'm supposed to say When now suddenly you feel so far away And you're not prepared to talk And if you're now afraid to listen Th ...

Đăng: aaaaaa 03-05-2009 4376
Dịch: aaaaaa Cập nhập cuối: aaaaaa 10-05-2009

17. I Believe In You (ft. Celine Dion) - Il Divo

I BELIVE IN YOU Il Divo:Lonely, the path you have chosen A restless road, no turning back One day you will find your light again Don't you kno ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 62030
Dịch: Amy Cập nhập cuối: Amy 16-07-2009

18. Goodbye (You're Beautiful OST) - Jang Geun Suk

--------- Kanji --------- 어떡하죠 바라만 보네요 짧은 인사조차 건낼수가 없네요 시리도록 차가운 내손잡아 주 ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 90900
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 24-11-2009

19. Handshake - Bi Rain

Those words...Let's not see each other anymore How can you say those words In such a calm voice with such comfortable expressions? How can it be so ...

Đăng: KimHaRu 17-08-2008 5554
Dịch: vodanh Cập nhập cuối: Blah Blah 05-03-2009

20. Our Song - M2M

I’m lying in my bed, all alone Called you once again, no one is home It’s raining outside, on saturday night Turning out the light, again I ...

Đăng: aoegamer 27-11-2008 6991
Dịch: Carrots Cập nhập cuối: Wet Grass 04-12-2008

21. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith

Aerosmith--I don't want to miss a thing I could stay awake just to hear you breathing Watch you smile while you are sleeping While you're far awa ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 96754
Dịch: Vầng trăng xinh Cập nhập cuối: nguyen 07-04-2009

22. Unbreakable - Westlife

[Shane:] Took my hand Touched my heart Held me close You were always there By my side Night and day Through it all Maybe come what may Sw ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 27404
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 03-12-2009

23. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

I am unwritten Can't read my mind I'm undefined I'm just beginning The pen's in my hand Ending unplanned Staring at the blank page before you Open u ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 32936
Dịch: Anakin Skywalker Cập nhập cuối: Anakin Skywalker 03-02-2012

24. Uptown Girl - Westlife

Uptown Girl Uptown girl She's been living in her uptown world I bet she never had a back street guy I bet her mama never told her why I'm ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 77980
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 05-03-2010

25. Hold Up My Heart - Brooke White

Please, Hold up my Heart Give me a reason for this empty silence You’re here but you seem so far Why did you run away from me? Is it because I ...

Đăng: myhien1993 03-06-2009 1328
Dịch: myhien1993 Cập nhập cuối: myhien1993 03-06-2009

26. I Only Wanted - Mariah Carey

I only wanted Doesn't it ever stay Must it always fade away Couldn't love ever be Something tangible and real Farewell, fairweather friend Aba ...

Đăng: mariahcarey 13-01-2008 3596
Dịch: 0ll Cập nhập cuối: mariahcarey 13-10-2009

27. You Should Be Mine - 98 Degrees

Yeah You should be mine Whoo Oh, oh All right Come on You should be mine I look at you And I can see you wanting more Inside, your eyes Ar ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 4316
Dịch: Lucifer Cập nhập cuối: Lucifer 28-11-2009

28. No More Heroes - Westlife

When the waves are crashing down Pulling you to sorrow I will sail you back to shore When there are no more heroes Over under, near or far I’l ...

Đăng: Demonic 28-11-2009 10293
Dịch: h0ang.bk91 Cập nhập cuối: Demonic 28-11-2009

29. I Promise - Stacie Orrico

I promise Will I always be there for you When you need someone Will I be that one you need Will I do all my best to To protect you When the tear ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 9041
Dịch: Lucifer Cập nhập cuối: Lucifer 14-10-2009

30. Viva la radio - Lolly

Viva la radio -Lolly Viva viva viva la radio How I love my radio I take it with me wherever I go How I love to hear the sound I like to play it ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 5983
Dịch: Vivian Cập nhập cuối: whatgoeswrong? 01-01-1970
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