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1. trinhkimhung89 12-06-2019
2. nguyenthithanhhuong 01-10-2018
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Big Big World
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A Little Love
5. tramy10 09-07-2018
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Jar Of Hearts
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Little Bird
9. vutranminhanh5a 31-12-2017
No Promises
10. vutranminhanh5a 31-12-2017
Little Bird

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Natural - Imagine Dragons

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  you hold the line?
When every one of them is up or giving in, tell me
In house of mine?
ever comes without a consequence or cost, tell me
Will the align?
Will heaven step in? Will it us from our sin? Will it?
this house of mine stands strong

the price you pay
Leave behind your cast away
Just another product today
be the hunter than the prey
And you're standing on edge, face up 'cause you're a

A heart of stone
You gotta be cold
To make it in this
Yeah, you're natural
Living your life
You gotta so cold
Yeah, you're a

Will somebody
Let me the light within the dark trees' shadows and
What's happenin'?
Lookin' through the glass find the wrong within the knowin'
are the youth
Cut until it not a world without the peace, facing
A bit of truth, the truth

That's the you pay
Leave behind your heartache, away
another product of today
Rather be the than the prey
And you're standing on the face up 'cause you're a

A beating heart stone
You gotta so cold
To make it this world
you're a natural
Living your life
You gotta be cold
Yeah, you're a

Deep inside I'm fading to black, I'm fading
Took an oath by the blood of my won't break it
I can taste it, the end is upon us, I
Gonna make it
I'm gonna make

A beating of stone
gotta be so cold
To make in this world
Yeah, you're natural
Living your cutthroat
You be so cold
Yeah, a natural
Yeah, a natural

Imagine Dragons

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