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No Promises
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Tears In Heaven
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Miss You
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Tears In Heaven
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Eminem ft. Dre, Jay Z, 50 Cent

Tôi trở nên thật nặng nề
(Tôi còn có thể hát lại không, bạn muốn nghe nữa không?)

Tôi trở nên thật nặng nề
(Tôi còn có thể hát lại, bạn muốn nghe nữa không?)
Chổng mông vào mặt bác sĩ đi
Một lần thôi, chổng mông của bạn vào mặt bác sĩ đi
Nào, chúng ta đi
Câu chuyện hấp dẫn đấy, nói về một câu lạc bộ ồn ào nào đó
Khiến mông bạn bị treo trong tình trạng lao đao
Lấy xuống đi

[Dr. Dre]
Hết giờ, cuộc chơi kết thúc, tôi thắng, bạn thua
Lần lượt thể hiện những sự ngu ngốc, làm thế nào để làm điều đó ở đây?
Ồ phải rồi, năm mới, tuần trăng tiếp theo, bắt đầu
Nhìn xem kẻ nào khiến bạn điên lên một lần nữa
Tôi chính là một xu xướng, tôi luôn đặt ra phương hướng khi tôi vào cuộc
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Numb encore - Dr. Dre ft. Linkin Park, 50cents - Eminem

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 Numb encore
Eminem Dre, Jay Z, 50 Cent

I've so numb
(Can I get an encore, you want more)

I've become so
(Can get an encore, do you want more)
Get your up for the doctor
One more time, get your up for the doctor
Come now, here we go
Cliff it's another club banger
Got hangin' on the edge of your seat
Get on down

[Dr. Dre]
Times up, games over, you lose, I
'bout show these knuckleheads how to do this here
Ooh yeah, new year, next phase,
Look got you goin' crazy again
I'm a trend, I one every time I'm in
I go out and come back full circle again
You a fad, means your something that we already had
But once you're gone, you don't back, too bad

You're off the map now, can't even find you
We stay on the grind, you slip, out-grind you
You walk around mad, let your anger blind you
We walk around just playin' the violin you
with all the pissin' and moanin', whinin' and *****in'
Sit observe, listen, you'll learn if you pay attention
Why ten multi-platinum albums three diamond
we're on the charts with a bullet and still climbin'

Now can I get an encore, you want more
Cookin raw with Brooklyn boy
for one last time I need y'all to roar

Now what the are you waitin for
After me, shall be no more
So for one time, nigga make some noise

So all my people the left, all my people on the right
Swing one last
When dr. dre say crunk, you will get crunk, get it crunk
Crunk, crunk, crunk
And when 50 cent says you get on one foot and jump
Jump, jump, jump

[Dr. Dre]
The buzz tremendous, we drop you all to sense it
I don't gotta promote it you to know that doc is off the benches

We the party rockin' off the henges
We ain't off, we just goin' off popular consensus

[Dr. Dre]
But critics say that Doc is soft, Doc talk
Doc is all washed up, it off
Who the f**k is impressin'?
Doc is this, is that, you got the wrong impression
You must be on the cock of Doc, Doc left you all guessin'
So DJ take the needle and drop it on the record (what)
We gon' have this motherf**ker hoppin' in a second (bump
That's why we always save the cut last
To make you scratch and itch for it fresh cut grass

Cuz we done with the sharks, wrestle with alligators
Spoke to a generation angry teenagers
Whom if it wasn't for rap to the gap
Maybe raised be racist
Who may have never got to see faces
Grace the cover of Stone pages
Broke down barriers of language and
call on the cape crusaders
And leave it to me and Dre to the mic
And we can play the back and all day
Like the hot potato game, that’s why we to
Cause we came here to set this party right
Let's bounce tonight

Now what the hell are you for
After me, there shall be more
So for last time, nigga make some noise
become so numb
So for last time I need y'all to roar
So for one last time I need y'all to

Every step that I take is another mistake to
(Caught the undertow just caught in the undertow)
And every second I waste is more than I take

I've become numb I can't feel you there
I've become so tired so much aware
I'm becoming this all I want to
Is be more like me and be less like

(I've become so
(Can I get an encore, you want more)

[50 Cent]
Bounce now, hands you know how we do
We make the jump everywhere we go
It's no everybody know
When Dre's involved, there's plenty involved

[Dr. Dre]
And plenty honey's involved, the sunny Sunday's palm trees Cali, everyday it's just another party from the valley's
All the to them 8 Mile alleys, let's rally

Hands for the grand finale
Now raise up out your seat, Dre is about speak
Blaze a pound of weed six days up out the

[Dr. Dre]
You could catch me in the studio bangin' the beats to
you with the heat that keep blazin' out your speaker

So ain't never cuz Shady Aftermath together
Along with G-Unit Records presents the return of the-the Doc Shady)
No one do it better
We tear the club up and leave without a strand evidence and uh

Now what the hell are you waitin
me, there shall be no more
So for one time, nigga make some noise
I've become numb
So one last time I need y'all to roar
So for one last time I y'all to roar


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