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1. How To Break A Heart - Westlife

Since you’re not worth my love I haven’t given up I’m stronger than that (I’m stronger than that) And though my heart will break I’m ta ...

Đăng: chibibi41511 27-11-2009 26868
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 28-11-2009

2. All Or Nothing - Westlife

All or nothing - Westlife I know when he's been on your mind That distant look is in your eyes I thought with time you'd realize it's over, over ...

Đăng: nguyen 23-11-2007 49235
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: Alamanda Bud 14-09-2009

3. Amazing - Westlife

"Amazing" You're like a storm against the window Follow me around just like a shadow I'll swim a never-ending ocean Until you bring back your de ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 29042
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 14-06-2009

4. Bop Bop Baby - Westlife

Bop Bop Baby My mama said nothing would break me or lead me astray Who would have guessed I'd let my mind drift so far away You always said I was a ...

Đăng: nguyen 28-11-2007 16824
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 02-03-2010

5. Dreams Come True - Westlife

Dream come true - Westlife Dreams are there to show you the way (Better take a look inside) Close your eyes find out What they're trying to say ...

Đăng: nguyen 11-11-2007 78439
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 01-03-2010

6. Close - Westlife

Close Across the miles it's funny to me how far you are but how near you seem to be I could talk all night just to hear you breathe I could s ...

Đăng: nguyen 23-11-2007 11042
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 01-03-2010

7. Close Your Eyes - Westlife

Close Your Eyes If you wanna know Tomorrow morning I have to leave But wherever I may be Best believe I'm thinking of you I can't believe how m ...

Đăng: mariahcarey 23-11-2007 40036
Dịch: mariahcarey Cập nhập cuối: Oll 10-02-2009

8. Evergreen - Westlife

[Verse 1] Eyes, like a sunrise Like a rainfall Down my soul And I wonder, I wonder why you look at me like that What you're thinking, What ...

Đăng: nguyen 28-11-2007 14774
Dịch: Blah Blah Cập nhập cuối: Blah Blah 16-11-2009

9. Flying Without Wings - Westlife

Everybody's looking for a something One thing that makes it all complete You'll find it in the strangest places Places you never knew it could be ...

Đăng: nguyen 28-11-2007 66825
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 03-12-2009

10. Fool Again - Westlife

Baby, I know the story, I've seen the picture, it's written all over your face Tell me, what's the secret that you've been hiding? And who's gonna ...

Đăng: nguyen 15-01-2008 162926
Dịch: Amy Cập nhập cuối: Amy 01-11-2009

11. Fragile Heart - Westlife

A fragile heart, was broken before I don't think it could endure another pain But there's a voice from deep inside of you That's calling out to mak ...

Đăng: nguyen 28-11-2007 10394
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 02-03-2010

12. You Light Up My Life - Westlife

So many nights, I'd sit by my window Waiting for someone to sing me his song So many dreams, I kept deep inside me Alone in the dark, but now you've c ...

Đăng: nguyen 06-11-2007 11516
Dịch: ilovemama Cập nhập cuối: ilovemama 19-03-2012

13. You Make Me Feel - Westlife

You make me feel I've been trying to reach you 'Cause I got something to say But you're talking about nothing at all And you're slipping away W ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 20412
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 01-03-2010

14. What Makes A Man - Westlife

Shane: Oh yeah This isn’t goodbye Even as I watch you leave. This isn’t goodbye. I swear I won’t cry, Even as tears fill my eyes, I swear I won ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 16422
Dịch: Nhím_xù Cập nhập cuối: Nhím_xù 20-02-2012

15. When A Woman Loves A Man - Westlife

When the stars are in her eyes And the sun is in her smile The only moment in a life This happens the same time When a woman loves a man She’ ...

Đăng: nguyen 26-11-2007 14386
Dịch: CrescentMoon Cập nhập cuối: CrescentMoon 09-03-2009

16. Butterfly Kisses - Westlife

There's two things I know for sure She was sent here from heaven And she's daddy's little girl As I drop to my knees by her bed at night She talks ...

Đăng: dangthuhuong 18-06-2008 9758
Dịch: dangthuhuong Cập nhập cuối: micaepro 07-01-2009

17. When You're Looking Like That - Westlife

when you're looking like that - westlife When you’re looking like that She's a five foot ten in catsuit and bambi eyes Everybody who's staring ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 14524
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 05-03-2010

18. Hit You With The Real Thing - Westlife

It's 99 degrees and the temperature is creeping up I felt your foundation vibrate, a mountain might erupt I've almost got you there so let me take y ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 5701
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: Blah Blah 05-01-2010

19. Written In The Stars - Westlife

[Shane:] Stay with me Don't fall asleep too soon The angels can wait for a moment Come real close Forget the world outside Tonight we're alone ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 21044
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 03-12-2009

20. I Don't Wanna Fight - Westlife

I Don't Wanna Fight I can't sleep everything I ever knew is a lie without you I can't breathe when my heart is broke in two there's no beat, w ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 9819
Dịch: Snowy Rain Cập nhập cuối: whatgoeswrong? 01-01-1970

21. Unbreakable - Westlife

[Shane:] Took my hand Touched my heart Held me close You were always there By my side Night and day Through it all Maybe come what may Sw ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 27003
Dịch: Masquerade Cập nhập cuối: Masquerade 03-12-2009

22. Uptown Girl - Westlife

Uptown Girl Uptown girl She's been living in her uptown world I bet she never had a back street guy I bet her mama never told her why I'm ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 77478
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 05-03-2010

23. No More Heroes - Westlife

When the waves are crashing down Pulling you to sorrow I will sail you back to shore When there are no more heroes Over under, near or far I’l ...

Đăng: Demonic 28-11-2009 10058
Dịch: h0ang.bk91 Cập nhập cuối: Demonic 28-11-2009

24. I Wanna Grow Old With You - Westlife

Another day Without your smile Another day just passes by But now I know How much it means For you to stay Right here with me The time we spe ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 13936
Dịch: Wet Grass Cập nhập cuối: Wet Grass 24-11-2010

25. If I Let You Go - Westlife

IF I LET YOU GO day after day time pass away and I just can't get you off my mind nobody knows I hide it inside I keep on searching but i can' ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 257844
Dịch: Lucifer Cập nhập cuối: Lucifer 03-12-2009

26. If Your Heart's Not In It - Westlife

If Your Heart's Not In It I'm missing you Girl even though you're right here by my side Cause lately it seems The distance between us is growing ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 10545
Dịch: Blah Blah Cập nhập cuối: Blah Blah 04-12-2009

27. Love Takes Two - Westlife

Mark: Baby, tell me, are we heading into trouble, yeah Is it my imagine taking whole Do I read too much into the way we slay The way you move away ...

Đăng: nguyen 08-11-2007 6798
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 05-03-2010

28. Mandy - Westlife

Mandy I remember all my life Raining down as cold as ice A shadow of a man A face through a window Crying in the night The night goes into Mo ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 15788
Dịch: pe tho sun rang Cập nhập cuối: tieu_ly_phi_dao 26-07-2009

29. Miss You - Westlife

Miss You I can't sleep. I just can't breathe When your shadow is all over me baby Don't wanna be a fool in your eyes Cause what we had was built on l ...

Đăng: nguyen 03-12-2007 781588
Dịch: PhuongDo Cập nhập cuối: Alamanda Bud 28-01-2018

30. Miss You Nights - Westlife

MISS YOU NIGHTS Shane: I've had many times I can tell you Times when innocence I'd trade for company And children saw me crying I thought I'd had ...

Đăng: nguyen 07-11-2007 11020
Dịch: thangkho_no1 Cập nhập cuối: thangkho_no1 19-03-2010
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