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1. house by the sea -

They say home is the place where your heart is Then I am home now, though I am far away For so long I've let the forest guard it And now it's begging ...

Đăng: everrich 06-06-2017 162
Dịch: everrich Cập nhập cuối: everrich 06-06-2017

2. caraven -

Once a long long time ago setting out find our dreams lost in memories of golden days sometime rising in the spring glowing shining game the sun ...

Đăng: chuyenketoan68 19-06-2017 86
Dịch: chuyenketoan68 Cập nhập cuối: chuyenketoan68 19-06-2017

3. Stuck on the puzzle -

I'm not the kind of fool Who's gonna sit and sing to you, About stars, girl. But last night I looked up into The dark half of the blue, And they'd gon ...

Đăng: dinhviettruonglam199 09-08-2017 51
Dịch: dinhviettruonglam199 Cập nhập cuối: dinhviettruonglam199 09-08-2017

4. Gotta go home - Boney M.

Headin' for the islands We're ready man and packed to go Ooh When we hit those islands There's gonna be a big hello Ooh Diggin' all the sunshine It's ...

Đăng: tuden1963 2 giờ 0
Dịch: tuden1963 Cập nhập cuối: tuden1963 2 giờ
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