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1. Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

I don't like your little games Don't like your tilted stage The role you made me play Of the fool, no, I don't like you I don't like your perfect crim ...

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2. ...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift

[Verse 1] Knew he was a killer First time that I saw him Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted But if he's a ghost then I can be a p ...

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3. Make You Mine -

I'mma blow your mind I'mma show how the world is with me I could so your mind I can show how the vibe is with me Take a bite of me, bite of me Give yo ...

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4. All You Need Is Love - AVICII

I was low, didn't believe in getting higher Didn't know, how easy it is to walk through the fire Oh-oh-oh-oh! You Opened the stars in my heart You l ...

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5. Daylight -

I know what I’d lose if I gave this up I know that time would give me answers That I’ll never get to choose I know I must go on It’s easier to t ...

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