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1. All You Need Is Love - AVICII

I was low, didn't believe in getting higher Didn't know, how easy it is to walk through the fire Oh-oh-oh-oh! You Opened the stars in my heart You l ...

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2. We Are The Crystal Gems -

[Steven] If you're evil and you're on the rise You can count on the four of us taking you down 'Cause we're good and evil never beats us We'll win ...

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Đăng: chibichanel448 08-10-2017 99
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3. Daylight -

I know what I’d lose if I gave this up I know that time would give me answers That I’ll never get to choose I know I must go on It’s easier to t ...

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4. BO$$ - Fifth Harmony

"BO$$" [Normani:] Everyday is payday Swipe my card, then I do the nae nae You talking to a lady I want a Kanye ye not a Ray J So that's a no no I'm a ...

Đăng: bichngoc1304 02-11-2017 492
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5. Girl In A Country Song -

("No country music was harmed in the making of this song, this is only a test-t-t") Well I wish I had some shoes on my two bare feet And it's getti ...

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6. Secrets -

I've got bi-polar disorder, My shit's not in order I'm overweight, I'm always late I've got too many things to say I rock mom jeans, cat earrings Ext ...

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7. Trinity - 009 Sound System

I Yeah I'm coming home again To you Cuz you're my only friend I'll lean into the spirits hands Believe In trinity again Like it'll never end Black st ...

Đăng: Kelly 10-11-2017 97
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8. The Right Time -

You got a diamond soul You never lost your innocence You never let it go Or ever receive it You got a sacred heart But you hide the evidence You nev ...

Đăng: whatlovelx93 14-11-2017 56
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9. Cake By The Ocean - DNCE

Oh, no See you walking 'round like it's a funeral Not so serious, girl; why those feet cold? We just getting started; don't you tiptoe, tiptoe, ah ...

Đăng: Kelly 20-11-2017 182
Dịch: Kelly Cập nhập cuối: Kelly 20-11-2017

10. New Thang - Redfoo

Oh, the way that you pop, girl Makes me go cray, show me whachya got, girl! You could be my new thang Oh, the way that you move Makes me go cray, ...

Đăng: Kelly 20-11-2017 371
Dịch: Kelly Cập nhập cuối: Kelly 20-11-2017

11. Blood Sweat & Tears (피 땀 눈물) - Bangtan Boys / BTS (방탄소년단)

내 피 땀 눈물 내 마지막 춤을 다 가져가 가 내 피 땀 눈물 내 차가운 숨을 다 가져가 가 내 피 땀 눈물 내 피 땀 눈 ...

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12. In My Arms - Plumb

Your baby blues So full of wonder Your Curly Que's Your contagious smile And as I watch You start to grow up All I can do is hold you tight Kno ...

Đăng: Kelly 20-12-2017 94
Dịch: Kelly Cập nhập cuối: Kelly 20-12-2017

13. Arashi No Naka De Saku Hana - Yoshioka Aika / 吉岡亜衣加

Yoru no arashi ga unari wo agenagara Koyoi usukurenai no hanabira-tachi wo chirashite yuku Aa omowazu ryoute kakagete uketometeta Ten ni mukaite hikar ...

Đăng: wendylinh 02-01-2018 75
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14. Hollow (feat. Sabelle) - My Buddy Mike

Do you feel like everyday's A windin' back road Runnin'n round in circles with no place to call home... Sip another drink so You can hold on...ho ...

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15. Flower Road (꽃 길) - Big Bang

HANGUL 그땐 참 좋았는데 말이야 너와 함께할 수만 있다면 때론 외롭고 슬퍼도 말이야 너와 같이 할 수만 있다면 Si ...

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