Daily in the news and on the screen
They wanna show you
How to look like how to be a star
But if you big nosed
Without muscles you are not attractive
You don't fit in what's so popular

Four pounds too much without a suntang
Selfrespect is fading
They already tooked away your pride
California dream girl
With her brain down in her pussy
You will never reach her you're too small

Wake up all you idiots
Don't close your eyes and see
There is only one thing you can be
This is just you and nothing else
Start to believe all in yourself
Stop to running after visions
You don't need

Who is in the mirror
Do you really trust this face
Smiles at you so bad and ugly
This is not yourself anymore

Will a soul feel well
In plastic bodies
Where it don't belong
Silicon and lifted faces
Don't you really know who you are

Don't try to hide
If you don't look like Monroe
The smile on your face this is real
Just be yourself that's the deal

California dream man
With a smile made out of plastic
Juicy woman dreams
That you can buy
Selling you a dream so far away
And so fantastic
Until you realize you won't get high

Now you're close to suicide
Your dream bursts like a bubble
All the gossip
You once liked is gone
Your addiction to be skinny
Is driving you to madness
I hope now
You can see what you have done

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Oll 14-02-2009
bài này đăng hôm qua hôm qua kia gì đó .. Oll mới sửa từ bài trùng

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