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1. No Promises (ft. Cheat Codes) - Demi Lovato

[Verse 1: Demi Lovato] Cutting me up like a knife And I feel it, deep in my bones Kicking a habit I love even harder You oughta know [Pre-Chorus ...

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2. In Case You Didn't Know -

I can't count the times I almost said what's on my mind But I didn't Just the other day I wrote down all the things I'd say But I couldn't I jus ...

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3. Je Reviendrai -

Si mes rêves sont ailleurs Je suis prêt à m’en aller Pour aller chercher ce destin qui me ressemble Je n’ai jamais eu peur de changer, de voyag ...

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4. Je M'en Vais -

J’ai troqué mes cliques et mes claques Contre des cloques et des flaques Un sac-à-dos pour oublier Qu’avant c’est toi qui me pesais Ce qui ...

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5. Save me -

I See the light inside your eyes You make me feel like I'm awake I Don't know why You make me shine Like a Star in the sky I'm Ok I Wanna ta ...

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6. Lost Boy- Ruth B -

[Verse 1] There was a time when I was alone No where to go and no place to call home My only friend was the man in the moon And even sometimes he ...

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7. May we all - Florida Georgia Line

"May We All" (feat. Tim McGraw) May we all get to grow up in our red, white and blue little town Get a won't-start-hand-me-down Ford to try to fix up ...

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8. Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers

I've been reading books of old The legends and the myths Achilles and his gold Hercules and his gifts Spiderman's control And Batman with his fists An ...

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9. Attention - Charlie Puth

[Verse 1] You've been runnin' round, runnin' round, runnin' round throwing that dirt all on my name 'Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I ...

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10. 渡红尘 / Du Hong Chen / Độ Hồng Trần -

荒草枯木 雪纷纷 Huang cao ku mu Xue fen fen 萧索多少青春 Xiao suo duo shao qing chun 寒夜茫茫 一盏残灯 Han ye mang mang Yi ...

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11. We Don't Believe What's On T.V. - Twenty One Pilots

Yeah, yeah, yeah! We don't believe what's on TV, Because it's what we want to see, And what we want, we know we can't believe, We have all learned to ...

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12. Not Today - Twenty One Pilots

I don't know why, I just feel I'm better off, Staying in the same room I was born in, I look outside, and see a whole world better off, Without me in ...

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13. Hometown - Twenty One Pilots

My shadow tilts its head at me, Spirits in the dark are waiting, I will let the wind go quietly, I will let the wind go quietly, Be the one, be the o ...

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14. Hopeful - Bars and Melody -

Oh-oh-oh (Yeah) [ Rap ] Please help me God, I feel so alone I'm just a kid I can't take it on my own I've cried so many tears, yeah, writing this ...

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15. Time Lapse -

[Romanization:] yeojeonhi geudaerojyo saengireun myeot beonsshigina jinatgo bunmyeong na yeokshi jogeum deo eoreuni dwae itneun geot gateunde ajikdo ...

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16. Immortals -

They say we are what we are But we don’t have to be I’m glad to hate you but I do it in the best way I’ll be the watcher of the eternal flame ...

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17. This Is Me -

Dreams are so elusive and sweet But i won't let them go 'Cause i've finally found what i need Now i'm ready, i know! Turn the music on Feel the rhyt ...

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18. I Don't Wanna Live Forever -

Been sitting, eyes wide open behind these four walls hoping you'd call It's just a cruel existence like there's no point hoping at all Baby, baby, I ...

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19. [AMV Love] Sakura Saku - Claris - Claire Lynch

Tesaguri de egaite mita Yume no iro wa nandaka fuzoroide Kangaeta koto nakatta Mirai no koto fuan ni mo naru kedo Te wo nobashi ugokashite hajime ...

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20. 離人劫 - Ly Nhân Kiếp - 胡莎莎 - Hồ Sa Sa -

依稀往日重現 殘缺記憶裡面 你捨身換我渡一場劫 忘卻雲舒雲卷 分別是孽是緣 寫成故事中兩處嬋娟 剪不斷相思 ...

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21. Willow -

Down by the water, under the willow Sits a lone ranger, minding the willow He and his wife, once lived happily Planted a seed, that grew through the r ...

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22. Focus - Ariana Grande

Hey I know what I came to do And that ain't gonna change So go ahead and talk your talk Cause I won't take the bait I'm over here doing what I like I ...

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