hot hot


There's a reason why
You can look up every night
Every star in heaven is in its place
There's a reason why
The full moon pulls up tight
And the waves roll in to a shore that always waits
And just like that

Baby you belong
Oh, baby you belong
Nothing's ever been so meant to be
Or ever felt so right to me
Every single part of me believes
Baby you belong
Oh, baby you belong
There really is no mystery
I think anyone can see
That baby you belong with me

There's a voice in the silence
And I heard it promise me
When you came along
I know you by heart
Like a familiar song
Every word is telling me
That the time has finally come
Now here you are
And I know for sure


Like the sun belongs up in the morning sky
For at least another million reasons why

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Ngọc Cập nhật: nguyen / 20-07-2009...
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