nguyen ...

I know that it might sound strange
But you made my seasons start to change
It happened so suddenly
Like heaven has waited up for me

I've just been looking so long
Kept meeting my Mr.wrong
In every model and every size
Now my fantasy
Is staring at your eyes

Sometimes you think I'm beautiful
But I don't know
I'll keep it to myself
You say it. It feels wonderful
My smile can show
I'm lost in paradise

The letters you wrote to me
Showed me the signs I've never seen
I thought every man I'd want
Falls out of a dating magazine

But now I know that with you
That was so far from the truth
On every page and every line
Now you've my everything
I guess you know how to read my mind

I know
I guess that it shows
The message that flows to me
Make it more worth than make believe

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